Specialized training in English as a second language

More and more, employers are calling for employees to be bilingual or at least functional in English. Admittedly, it is not always easy to meet these demands and sometimes we need to be in survival mode until we can catch up.

Whether you are looking for a job or dealing with new demands in your job, our specialized programs are just right for you.

Tailor-made courses

Personalized training will help you reach your goals faster. The reasons are many, such as having to learn English from a beginner level, perfecting your level for your profession, obtaining annual training required by the order to which you belong to or achieving personal objectives. Our tailor-made training will meet your needs.

What about our personalized programs? We research and prepare based on your goals. After assessing your level and discussing an action plan, a program is created. Rest assured that we are working for you and with you and that the program adjusts as we progress.

We believe that your progress will make you extremely satisfied. The evaluation is free! It's about contacting us.


Master your English speaking skills to better communicate with managers in shipping and receiving of goods as well as in importing and exporting from English-speaking regions.

In the field of logistics, responding to requests from customers, suppliers and speaking with carriers without difficulty in English is of the utmost importance. With adequate vocabulary, you will be in a better position to avoid mistakes and, therefore, be more effective.

Comptabilité I & II

What about this program? It contains themes like customer service, loans, accounting, business finance among others.

With a good grammar refresh, vocabulary practiced through conversations and practice exercises, you'll be sure to find this two-part program super interesting.

Nurse I & II

These programs combine grammar and specialized vocabulary that nurses and auxiliary nurses need on a daily basis.

With topics that reflect relevant situations, conversation practice is sure to be very interesting and useful from the very first lesson.

Coaching Entretiend'Embauche

The groups are small so you can actually practice and improve your conversational skills.

Private classes can start at any time.

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