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English as a second language classes for adults.

Whether for personal or professional reasons, we offer quality programs focused on your needs. Contact us now!


SMALL GROUP: 3 to 5 people
Semester: 9 weeks
Formula: 1 lesson per week of 2 hours
Face-to-face or virtual

SEMI-PRIVATE: 2 people
Semester: 9 weeks
Formula: to be discussed
Face-to-face or virtual

PRIVATE: 1 person
Hour block: 20h or more
Formula: to be discussed
Face-to-face or virtual

*More intensive programs are possible.
* Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced


New groups for Winter 2024 sessions!




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New course: Fall 2023

To be confirmed

Perfect for those who wish to speak English for personal or professional reasons. Whether from a beginner or higher level, you will feel comfortable whatever your level. Each group is formed with people of the same level or as close as possible.

Lots of talk
Although grammar is necessary, especially in the beginner level category, conversation remains very important in each course. Through themes and vocabulary, practice begins from the first lesson. At the intermediate and advanced levels, the grammar segments are present when needed. The classes focus on conversation and include various topics. 


Private classes are sometimes the perfect formula. You have specific needs and you want to progress as quickly as possible, this formula is most likely for you. Need to make a presentation? Perfect. Need to host a meeting or contact a colleague in Toronto? Perfect. Private classes offer several advantages and it is sometimes the best formula to achieve your goals quickly. If your employer offers you classes, he or she will ask for a service offer. It will be our pleasure to send it to you rapidly.

Choose one of these formulas or let's discuss your needs, we will come to an action plan that suits you. Private classes can begin any time. They are offered at our Saint-Hubert office or online via Zoom. 

20 Hours

Choice: 1 lesson of 2 hours

Every week for 10 weeks


Choice: 1 lesson of two hours

2 lessons of one hour

Every week for 10 weeks


4 lessons of 30 minutes

Every week for 10 weeks


30 hours

Choice: 4 lessons of 45 minutes

Every week for 10 weeks


3 one-hour lessons



40 hours

Choice: 4 one-hour lessons

Every week for 10 weeks


2 lessons of two hours



50 hours

Choice: 5 one-hour lessons

Every week for 10 weeks


2 lessons of two hours




This program is offered in semi-private or in group classes, but it is more often offered privately online, at our school or in businesses. If you want to improve your level of English for your job, many companies offer this training to their employees. In fact, companies take advantage of the 1% law and since we are accrédité par la commission des partenaires du marché du travail, it is a win-win. Contact us to discuss your objectives and we will send you a service offer which you can present to your employer.

About these classes.

Expressing yourself in a second language is already demanding, so a well-qualified teacher who understands the day-to-day operations of a business makes all the difference. With the help of a professional English textbook(s), grammar support, sophisticated vocabulary and lots of practice, your conversation skills will improve quickly.

During the lessons, you are corrected as you go and you receive an explanation that accompanies the correction. We understand that the same mistakes are repeated often and we are here to repeat the explanations or simply correct you the amount of times necessary. In short, you will quickly understand the classes are offered in a professional and warm environment.


Real customers, real talk

I have nothing but good words for this company! I took both group lessons and private lessons. Impeccable professionalism and affordable price. I recommend this place for English lessons.

Johanne Messier

I loved my experience with English for You Inc.! I took distance lessons during the summer with Linda and it went really well! Linda is wonderful, she managed to put me at ease from the start! I highly recommend this place! Luce Beauregard

Luce Beauregard

Very good training in English. Competent teacher who offers us interesting and quality lessons. She teaches us at our own pace and she makes us want to improve in order to progress again and again. I highly recommend her.

Denise Bergeron

Alright. It is simple and effective as a method. THANKS

Mathieu Gobeil

I loved taking lessons with Linda. We discussed topics that are topical, professional or related to our daily activities and our passions. All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The lessons were in video and adapted to my schedule. Linda provides us with exercise books to progress as well as the course notes we have just done. Even if I am still far from being bilingual, it allowed me to gain a little more confidence in speaking and to review some forgotten basics. I hope to be able to resume some lessons soon. Thank you so much Linda! Nicholas A.

Nicholas A.

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